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S-T-O-C-K-S Sessions - The Good Shepherd

I have some amazing resources for S-T-O-C-K-S including some inspirational guides which follow the liturgy to the day and year. These are a great help for a group who are relatively new and sometimes lacking guidance/inspiration.

I dipped into one of these books for a reference and decided on creating an activity for the story of The Good Shepherd (John 10: 7-17). This would be fantastic if we were on year 2 and not year 1. I persevered regardless of my mistake and the children had such a fun time playing games. They thoroughly enjoyed the reading and discussion time where they had the freedom to explore the story and values for themselves.

So heres what we did. We made some Sheep and Wolves masks/headbands (I drew the sheep which I am super proud of and my friend helped with the Wolf which is fantastic). We played "Sheep sheep, shepherd" and another game of blowing white mini marshmallows which represent sheep into a pen. I was due to sing "The Lord Is My Shepherd" but we ran out of time.

Herd The Sheep game (rules below)

An organised work place encourages organised and fun work.

Some childrens sheep and wolf headbands

A very colourful and well blended wolf and sheep headband.

You will need:
A sheep template
A wolf template
Mini Marshmallows
A tray
A small cardboard box

How to:
Prepare the tables according to how many children you cater for
Have a sheep and wolf template per person
Place card per mask per person to make sure they really stand up on the head band.
Cut strips of card to create a headband

1. Firstly sit the children on your carpeted area/allocated storytelling area. Tell the story of The Good Shepherd (ref John 10: 7-17) 
2. Ask questions eg: What animals were mentioned? (sheep and wolf) Who was the Good Shepherd? (Jesus) What does it mean to "lay down my life for the sheep"? (You would do anything to protect the sheep). If Jesus is the shepherd and he protects us who are we to Jesus? (sheep).
3. Invite the children to choose a place at the tables and begin colouring in the wolf mask
4.Encourage the children to stick their sheep and wolves to the card and cut around it (young ones may need help)
5. Once cut out get a helper to measure the childrens head with the card strips and then invite the children to play Herd The Sheep (rules below).
6. Once all headbands made and everyone has had a turn of the game invite the children to sit back on the carpet and recap the story.
7. In a circle play "sheep sheep shepherd" (rules below).
8. If there is time either recite/teach the hymn The Lord Is My Shepherd (video below).

And there you have a pretty organised and successful session from S-T-O-C-K-S which went down so well the children. There are so many variations of games which you can play for others years and age groups. Including blindfold searches, word searches, making sheep, colouring in pages, singing baa baa black sheep.

Herd The Sheep Game
With a straw each the children have to blow the mini marsh mallows from one area of the green pasture (the tray) to the pen (cardboard box) at the other end. For older children make it more difficult by keeping their hands behind their back. Put some pink mini marshmallows in the mix to act as wolves and make the game more challenging. They mustn't let any marsh mallows escape the field (aka the tray).

Sheep, Sheep, Shepherd
Have the children sit in a circle. To the same rule of  "Duck, Duck, Goose" choose one person to be a wolf. This person wears their wolf mask/headband and the remaining circle wear their sheep mask/headband. The wolf walks around the circle tapping the children on the head (or shoulder) saying "Sheep" per person. Then they can choose someone to be the shepherd. They tap them on the head/shoulder and say "Shepherd". The shepherd then stands up and chases the wolf around the circle. The aim is for the wolf to run faster and sit down safely in the shepherds place. The roles are then reversed and the wolf becomes a sheep and the shepherd becomes the wolf and begins walking around tapping the children on the head saying "sheep, sheep...."

So I shall leave you now to enjoy The Lord Is My Shepherd:

I am happy to email the clip art of the sheep and wolf if you would like to partake in this activity - please email me at:

Until next time,
Every Blessing

Kate at S-T-O-C-K-S

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  1. The Lord is My Shepherd is one of my favourite Psalms. It was given to me at my baptism and we sang it at my wedding blessing.


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