Thursday, 29 May 2014

Thoughts on Thursday - On The Bookshelf

Despite having a five year old who refuses to sleep until silly o'clock I have been and still am an avid reader. Sometimes I have more than two books on the go at one given time.

Recently I finished The Ministry of a Messy House by Amanda Robbie who tweets as @TheVicarsWife  and also blogs at

Available for £6 via thinkivp

Amanda Robbie miraculously found time to write this laugh out loud book which tackles the misconceptions that a vicars wife has to be perfect. This is a topic close to my heart especially as I rock the pyjamas under my jeans look for the school run while everyone else in their big four-by-fours or convertibles strut the latest catwalk fashion.

I have had a few conversations with Amanda via Twitter and she is every bit as lovely and down to earth as she comes across in this book. Though I do not have the three children or a Vicar for a husband like Amanda does but I feel we are on the same page with our priorities. Even down to fitting in our daily devotionals on a phone app before we get out of bed of a morning, and that's ok.

We cannot live a perfectly clean life, clean from sin, clean from piles of washing up or running early instead of late. But through our trust in God, some sound advice from Amanda and some amazing scripture references we can strive to de-clutter our lives of mess and reorganise our focus. I found scriptures I had never heard of before which inspired me to look them up in my bible and read on. I have written my memorable verses in my purple journal.

I feel that the heart of this unputdownable book is a message of perspective. Yes we will inevitably be late to school or Church at some point, yes we will have that unexpected guest turn up on our doorstep while still in our pj's and the living room still has last weeks birthday balloons wilting at the windows. Yes they may notice the pile of dirty dishes from last nights dinner sat on the kitchen surfaces but they are more likely to accept your gracious offer of a cup of tea and a good ear to hear them. 

I think this book would be a great gift to new members of our Church, a way of welcoming them into our parish and saying "actually we are not perfect, but we strive for our faith and most of all we are family".

If you can't already tell I would highly recommend this book and will be donating my copy to our Church library - as long as nobody bends the corners or breaks the spine ;-) See this book was written for me I'm a perfectionist at heart.

What have you been reading lately?

Until next time,
Every Blessing

Kate at S-T-O-C-K-S

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