Thursday, 15 May 2014

Throwback Thursday: Mad Hatters Tea Party

Some of us say "humph" when we have had enough of something but to my son Joseph Humph is a friendly little furry thing.

I'll explain.

My son has Developmental Verbal Dyspraxia and through my social media connections I met the wonderful team at the children's charity for communication called I CAN. I was asked to be an ambassador for them so Joseph, his Nanna and I were invited to a mad hatters tea party where we met a character called Humph.

Here are some pictures of our lunch at The Hilton Hotel in London with Humph:

My little Joseph so proud of his Humph sticker :-)

Joseph and I meeting Humph :-) 

Joseph hugs Humph - brought out his confidence :-)
Humph is a character from a tv series and is great at helping explains feelings and generally communicating with his friends. It's enjoyable and the children seemed to really like him.

At the event there were also some musical leaders from a  group called Boogie Mites  where they help parents and children learn through music and play. Their songs explore a range of mouth movements which may be alien to some children but by exploring these new notions in a safe and fun environment can help the children explore communication.

As part of the fundraising scheme with I CAN ambassadors are invited to host and encourage others to host their own tea party. I took the opportunity to have a tea party with the young members of S-T-O-C-K-S and give the congregation a yummy alternative to our Parish Breakfast.

Here are some pictures of the event at S-T-O-C-K-S:

The children's tea party tea plates - aren't they great :-)

My mother (aka auntie Barbara) and S-T-O-C-K-S leader
preparing the templates for the tea party crafts.

Work in progress templates of the tea set.

This is why I am not a chef ;-)

Joseph displaying our spread for the congregation.

The non invasive donation table - simple - successful.

Our party celebration for I CAN Mad Hatters tea Party 2012

I am pleased to say that we raised over £100 for the charity in just one small morning event. I am so proud to be a part of such a giving community here at S-T-O-C-K-S and I look forward to hosting another event in the future as this charity is very close to my heart.

Until next time
Every Blessing

Kate at S-T-O-C-K-S

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