Monday, 23 June 2014

Monday Musings - Bumble Bees and A & E

I am sharing this from my sister site of Makeshift Mummy because it will explain some of my absences on twitter and this blog:

It's been a glorious week filled with sunshine, friends and family and my positive outlook has not wavered. Even when walking the dog with Youngling and I get chased down by a gigantic Bumble Bee.

Oh yes folks I was taken out by little critter. It literally had it in for for me on Friday. It started buzzing playfully in the field teasing us with its summer dance of flitting from one flower to another. When suddenly it's attitude changed and it circled me and when I thought it would admit defeat and retreat it dive bombed me making me lose my balance.

I started to hop away from my attacker but we were in the middle of the field and each direction looked further and further. I felt helplessly trapped. Again and again this vicious creature circled me and again and again it took a dive, stinger first, towards my innocent skin.

I stumbled and felt myself falling so I let go of my walking stick to brace myself only my foot went in one direction and my knee - yes the operated one - went in the other. I squealed as only I could squeal and then I heard the most almighty crack. A snap as if a breaking branch had lost the will to hold on any longer. I too lost my fight and fell in a crumbled heap on the muddy ground.

Youngling laughed his infectious laugh and asked if my tears were happy tears. I screamed for help as the beaten track lay empty. Youngling began to cry and then took a deep breath and came to lift my head onto his lap. "If I stoke your hair it will make you better Mummy" he whispered leaning over me with a gentle touch.

I fumbled for my phone realising the pain in my foot and daring not to move in case the fall, the silly embarrassing fall, had undone any of my surgery from seven months ago.

I dialled my mothers number, no answer. I dialled again. Again and again. Still nothing and by this point I was conscious that I was still in the field and so was the blessed Bumble Bee.

Just then a vision appeared before me. Two strangers were walking in our direction and I asked Youngling to stand up bravely and ask for help. He did, and they helped a wailing me, flapping dog and brave five year old back to their car where they took us home.

The kind strangers generosity didn't end there. While waiting for a friend to come and assess my need for medical attention these strangers played with Youngling under supervision, fed my dog, gave me water and a sugary treat for the shock. But nothing could take away the embarrassment. Nothing could take away the pain.

So to the hospital having dropped Youngling to my parents where mother felt guilty for not hearing her phone and wanted to come with us. I was glad she did. I needed the light relief and funny entertainment from my friend but even at thirty I needed the cuddles and hand holding from my mother just like when I was three.

Five and a half hours later most of the tears had stopped, thought the pain had not. Five and a half hours later I saw my feet, knee and leg from the inside out. A rare beauty which should be looked after more carefully.

I may have been in pain but I only came away with a sprain, a small mercy to be thankful for. I said so many prayers on Friday night, not for my foot to have not been broken or my knee to be ok but for a lady who lost a life that night. Right before our eyes, she was miscarrying her unborn baby.

Five and a half hours wait isn't really that great for me but five and a half hours wait for someone losing a life is simply unacceptable.

On Friday night I was extremely thankful.

On Saturday night I held Youngling tight.

My foot is bruised and my foot is sore. But something so precious was lost on Friday something much more than my dignity.

A life was lost.

A mother lost her unborn baby.

Two friends actually broke their feet over the weekend and one is still in hospital undergoing a series of serious surgeries.

My bruises will heal, theirs may not.

The lessons I learnt that in the midst of an emergency the human race can be the most kind hearted and generous of beings. There will always be someone who needs our prayers more than ourselves. And finally if in doubt pray.

Until next time
Every Blessing

Kate at S-T-O-C-K-S

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