Monday, 9 June 2014

Monday Musings - Messy Cathedral 2014

I am very fortunate to have some amazing guidance, and friendships, with some very influential people within our Diocese. One of these is the Revd Ruth Pyke the Children's Work Advisor for the St. Albans Diocese.

Ruth and I meet up occasional to discuss how things are going at S-T-O-C-K-S and me generally asking hundreds of questions about how to equip our children with God's love. Ruth invited myself and any members of our congregation to attend the St. Albans Cathedral Messy Cathedral worship (SAMC14). Myself, my son and our vicar went along and I thoroughly enjoyed myself and I know my son did too.

After signing in we were given a large brown paper bag to decorate. So I asked my son to write his name, though he was distracted by some toys he did want to draw a wolf:

After decorating our bags we gathered at the top end of the naive - the longest naive in England - and were officially welcomed. Then we were let lose to roam the various craft tables and partake in all sorts of amazing activities to celebrate Pentecost:

There were glass candle holder decorating tables, twirly's, key rings, hats, shakers, bracelets, windmills, sensory tents and cake stalls. There was even a table making the pentecostal dove I showed you HERE.

"Look Mummy it spins" *blows* nothing *blows harder* nothing.
"Look Mummy it really does spin" Pushes it with his finger.

"Mummy God made the rainbows so I'm making a rainbow candle"

Excitement inside the sensory tent.

Exploration and use of his different senses
 - sometimes we can all forget what's it feels like to use them.

Almost cutting the volunteers finger when making his fiery bracelet.

Hot air melting to make key rings

Joseph was so excited in the days leading up to the event that I hopped onto the laptop and showed him pictures of the Cathedral so he knew where he was going. He said it looked beautiful. He also added "Mummy if you find your prince maybe you could get married there" Bless him for having high hopes ;-)

I took away quite a bit from SAMC14. I liked the fact that the layout of the activities/stations were easily accessible an gave the children lots of choice. I think we should try doing more work stations at Church although continuing to stick to the same lesson we are trying to teach of course.

Joseph particularly liked the music and singing but I felt he was getting a tad restless as the worship service was a little too long right before lunch. What can I say, he's a growing boy and needs his fuel. The event provided a simple but beautiful lunch of a roll, fruit, juice and a chocolate bar. all in recyclable packaging.

There were so many left over that our Vicar took some with him to drop into our local homeless shelter. I had wanted to go with him but after such a long day thought it best to do that another time. I really do want to help more in our local community. It is a great reminder to not be so greedy with our food. Even though it is easily disposable I should try and be more frugal with portion sizes and teach Joseph to give thanks for what we are given.

For the homeless shelter

So that was SAMC14 I cannot wait until next year and will try and find some of the music and show you the actions/routines. I am sure you will enjoy them.

Until next time,
Every Blessing

Kate at S-T-O-C-K-S

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