Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Congratulations Vicar!

Today sees our vicar celebrating 25 years since his ordination. I am so proud of his work and pleased to have him at our Church.

To celebrate a few members of the congregation went to see him at the breathtakingly beautiful St. Albans Cathedral for an evensong service with non other than the Bishop himself and several other clergy members who were also celebrating their ordinations. I haven't been to a service at the Cathedral since I was a youngster so I wasn't too sure what to expect.

I was excited and hoping to see an award ceremony and have everyone else acknowledge the hard work and commitment our Reverend has given to the Church over the past 25 years. Yes it is his calling, his duty to God, but it would be naive of anyone to think that being a Vicar is easy. That it isn't work. It is just and so much more besides.

Our Vicar is our confident, our guider, our believer. He trusts in us as we trust in him. His life is barely his own for he is forever striving to help others and bring peace to a frantic world. He is our counsel, he is our messenger from God and he is our friend.

I was a little disappointed to find then that at this auspicious occasion where we were to celebrate this wonderful achievement that nothing but a name was mentioned. I thought that the Bishop would have more involvement in the service though the all girl choir did a sterling job and reminded me of my time as Head Chorister at a neighbouring Church. I would have liked to have seen everyone who was celebrating presented with a scroll or certificate. Something to mark to occasion. I mean how hard is it to print a certificate and pop it in a 99p frame? It's not the value that matters its the thought. It would have been especially nice since there was a visiting congregation from America. Instead it all felt all too British and reserved.

Sadly our Vicar was to be whisked away to have a quick dinner at the Bishops house with the other clergy members so the remaining members of our Church and I raised a glass to him over a love dinner at a local eatery.

Here is how we commemorated the evening, and we will be celebrating with the rest of our Church at a BBQ at the vicarage in August.

Congratulations Vicar, heres to another 25 years ;-)

Until next time,
Every Blessing

Kate at S-T-O-C-K-S

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