Friday, 1 August 2014

Holiday Club 2014 Roundup

This year we chose to look at the elements with our holiday club children. We spread the elements of Earth Air Water and Fire over four days and planned to have our traditional end of the week party 'banquet' on the last day.

The leaders were given their team colours and tables and set to work on the planned activities for each day. We had decorating cakes in the earths colours for Earth Day, paper mache a balloon to make a globe, and planting cress globes too. I headed up the Green team with Peter and a parent helper. I had one of the children in our team make my name badge. Each of the four teams were coloured in their team colours and had their teams symbol drawn on it. We were Green so we represented Earth.

For our Air day we made whizzzers and I have a little video of Peter, one of our leaders and members of the congregation, giving a fantastic demonstration: (Waiting to upload)

It's harder than it looks you know. This can be a great workout for your biceps and triceps if you practise hard enough. Trust me by the time I got the hang of it I was starting to feel the burn.

We play several games everyday and one was 'Ping-Pong-Tennis' made out of paper plates and using a balloon. Luckily enough the 'bats' turned into fans which was a welcome relief for it was so warm in the halls.

We also enjoyed a fantastic game called 'The List Game' it really is as simple as it sounds but it's my new favourite and definitely one to whip out at big family gatherings. Everyone sits in their teams and has up to two minuets (you may like to shorten this for family do's) to list everything they can think of on the given topic. For example our topic is birds for they are airborne so we had to list every single bird we could think of. At the end of the time the leaders sit at the front and we go through thee lists. Simple. But not quite. If someone were to get a bird wrong, repeat a bird or simply run out of ideas they or a team member get to do a forfeit, eg: tell a joke, sing a song or do a dance. I think the children secretly like to do them ;-)

On our day to celebrate Water we started off by making paper origami boats which we were all trying to sink in the giant paddling pool later in the day. Luckily no one fell in but we had strong swimmers on hand ;-) The childrens favourite part of the day was making junk model boats. And who can blame them, such fun.

The fourth day saw us melting marsh mallows over bbq's which was amazingly (and extremely safely) organised. The children (and I in particular) loved making the all American S'mores - a traditional campfire treat. We talked about how we needed fire to make food and then we watched a video on creation. I asked the children if they thought we could survive without any one of the elements we had been looking at. There was a unanimous shaking of heads and two volunteers demonstrated how we are all united and need to look after each and every element (including mankind) in order to survive. They did this by the time old game of 'Link Arms' where you sit back-to-back and link arms then try to stand up at the same time.


I really enjoyed seeing how creative the children were in all their decorations of the wind chimes to the candle holders and place mats. Their imagination knew no bounds when it came to creating a picture for our new Alter cloth. One little girl drew a house which had a green garden and a great big berry tree outside. It was also home to a ghost, a spider and a hedgehog. Fantastic stuff and will be on our Alter for all to see.

These are just a few of the pictures we have taken and I will post a gallery over the next few days with more pictures and videos which we used.

So yet again another fantastic year here at St. Thomas' Holiday Club. We hope everyone enjoyed it and look forward to seeing so many of the children again next year. I hope they remember that I and many of the holiday club leaders are at Church every Sunday and together we run our S-T-O-C-K-S Sessions where EVERYONE is welcome :-) (similar to holiday club activities only shorter)

On that note I had better go and prepare for this coming Sunday.
Until Next Time

Every Blessing

Kate at S-T-O-C-K-S

*All pictures were granted permission by parents and guardians upon registering their children, for use on the St. Thomas' Church website and here at S-T-O-C-K-S website*

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