Sunday, 21 September 2014

Harvest 2014

Our Harvest festival was rather early this year but that didn't deter us form turning out in force and bringing gifts a plenty for those in need.

This years Harvest theme was scarecrows and so a few members of the congregation and the children dressed up as scarecrows and promised not to scare the Vicar ;-)

We held our service in the Wilbury Hall, adjacent to the main Church. This gave the service a more relaxed and informal atmosphere for which the Children (and other members of the congregation) could explore and create their Harvest crafts.

We had a few activities which involved creating a Harvest Hanging Plate. This could be decorated with autumnal stickers and themed colouring in picture squares which could be placed in the centre of the plate.

Everyone enjoyed making these and if the children didn't want to take them home they could be placed around the Alter at a later date as an alternative frontal.

The children and their helpers joined in a little performance about Harvest and I led the children and congregation in singing The Dingle dangle scarecrow song. We weren't available to film ourselves but I have found a video on YouTube for you if you would like to join in with it below:

There are so many activities to do with the children around Harvest. The main themes are of giving and saying thanks. You can coincide with the seasons of change and look at leaves and leaf printing, or make a leaf wreath - try saying that ten times ;-) Over the next few sessions at STOCKS we will be exploring some of these activities and linking to psalms and scriptures.

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Every Blessing

Kate at S-T-O-C-K-S

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